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H & H Old Fashioned Layer

H & H Old Fashioned Layer

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The Original Old Fashioned Layer and our BEST SELLER!! For your layers and show/breeding birds beginning just before onset of laying and continuing throughout their life. Our unique blend includes non-GMO loose grains plus seeds with tasty protein mini-pellets for your chicken’s maximum enjoyment. All of our feeds are made fresh to order and not warehoused.


To ensure your chicken is able to maximize absorption of vitamins and minerals and thus provide to you the healthiest of eggs we include Organic Fertrell Poultry Nutri-Balancer vitamins and minerals in our Old Fashioned Layer. Our FIXED feed formulas maximize gut health, feed conversion, and efficiency while offering a great variety of ingredients to ensure the tastiest of eggs and healthiest of chickens. Contains 19% protein and oyster shells for a complete feed ration.

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